Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Crane 10/5/12. Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Peak Power

Use your roof to power your home: a low cost, green energy wind turbine generator that is modular, easily installed and visually unobtrusive.


TransTech is a Mobile learning center that will provide an accessible, fun, and effective learning environment for middle school kids to learn more about science, technology, and engineering.

Price Assure

Price Assure is a business process that reduces the volatility of fuel markets, specifically gasoline. It is a combination of a physical card and online account management tool that allows consumers (both individual and commercial) to lock in a price of fuel, based on the price the day of purchase.

Bike Tracker

Bike Tracker is an easy to use device that will help you locate your stolen bike.

Bamboo Farm

Open a bamboo farm to grow bamboo on a commercial basis here in Indiana.


Phone case that charges your phone using ambient energy.

We’re pumped to see the results of the presentations. Stay tuned!